Gwen Stefani Says This Is How She Convinced Blake Shelton To Pose For His Sexiest Man Alive Cover

Photo: John Shearer/BBMA2017/Getty Images.
When it was first revealed that Blake Shelton was named People's 2017 Sexiest Man Alive, some of us needed to be convinced it was true simply because he seemed like such an unlikely choice. Eventually we came to terms with it and some of us even embraced it, and as it turns out, we weren't the only ones that required some convincing on the topic. During her recent Tonight Show appearance, Gwen Stefani revealed to Jimmy Fallon that she was the one who made this whole Sexiest Man Alive thing happen. If it wasn't for her, Shelton may have never agreed to do the photo shoot.
While Stefani chatted with Fallon about her new Christmas album, You Make It Feel Like Christmas, of course, the subject of Blake Shelton, her boyfriend of two years, came up. That was expected not only because the celebrity couple seems to never stop talking about one another but also because Shelton is featured on the album. When Fallon brought out a copy of People's 2017 Sexiest Man Alive issue, which features Shelton on the cover, Stefani revealed that her boyfriend was actually very reluctant to participate. She told The Tonight Show host that she was the one who convinced him. The singer explained, "That is not his thing at all. I feel responsible a little bit."
Apparently, when he first found out about being chosen by People, Shelton called Stefani and voiced his reservations, citing his hatred for doing photo shoots as the main reason not to participate. She responded, "Why would you not do this? Your record just came out, like, you're going to look back and you're going to regret it. Come on just live in the moment." She also told him that everyone wants to see the country singer do a photo shoot, and now we know, based on the extremely mixed reactions to his new Sexiest Man Alive title, that wasn't exactly true. Still, his girlfriend's kind encouragement seemed to be enough to convince Shelton to pose for the cover. Plus, he already knew he's sexy, which helped.

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