Blake Shelton Is The Sexiest Man Alive & He Knows It

Blake Shelton has accomplished quite a bit in his 41 years of life. He's an award-winning country star, a coach on The Voice, the boyfriend to Gwen Stefani, and the second-half of music's biggest bromance with Adam Levine. On Tuesday, People added another accolade to Shelton's list by naming him 2017's Sexiest Man Alive.
Can't believe the news? Apparently, neither could Shelton. According to People, the "Some Beach" crooner responded to the news by saying they "must be running out of people" and were "down to somebody who is somewhat symmetrical." His reaction on Twitter was notably more excited, with Shelton writing, "Thank you @People!!!! Don't hate me because I'm beautiful..."
His fans and admirers were totally stoked, saying that they — much like Stefani — had known he was a dreamboat from the start.
That said, others were just a bit confused, making a point that men like Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, and Jason Momoa exist on this planet.
Haters aside, Shelton told People that he's going to revel in the good news all year.
"I'm not going to treat this like Hugh Jackman or one of those guys who's humble about it," he said. "People are going to hate me over this because it's going to be used in every conversation, whether it's at The Voice or at the feed store in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, or in a conversation with a doctor. Until I have to hand the title, which is what it is to me, over to someone else, this is mine. This is like a certification."
Another bonus for Shelton is that he gets to "shove this up Adam [Levine's] ass," who received the SMA honor four years ago.
Now, if he truly wanted to up his sexy game, he'd apologize for his past homophobic, racist, and sexist statements on Twitter. There's nothing sexier than a tolerant, kind person who learns from previous mistakes.

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