Armie Hammer Reveals The Awkward Moment That Led To Him Playing Twins In The Social Network

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If you thought that Armie Hammer had a secret twin running around after seeing The Social Network, well, you wouldn't be alone. While Armie #2 exists in the same realm of existence as Lindsay Lohan's doppelgänger, there actually was a second person "playing" the other Winklevoss twin in the David Fincher movie — he was just given Hammer's face in post-production. Apparently, however, that wasn't always supposed to be the case; and according to Hammer's new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, things got very awkward with his onscreen twin because of it.
The Call Me By Your Name actor revealed to THR that there was a time when he was only slated to portray one of the "Winklevii," the twin internet entrepreneurs who sued Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg for allegedly stealing their idea to create the social network. The movie eventually found actor and model Josh Pence to portray the other twin, despite the fact that the real Winkevoss brothers were identical. Ultimately, director Fincher decided that the film should stick closer to reality...and Pence was offered a different job on set.
"[Fincher] is like, 'OK, here's what we have to do: These twins have to be identical. So Armie, we're going to double you. Josh, we're going to put dots on your face,'" Hammer told THR.
It was, apparently, very awkward.
"You could cut the tension with a spoon," the actor revealed to the outlet.
Following his Social Network snub in 2010, Pence went on to appear in shows like Revenge, American Horror Story, and The Man In The High Castle. He even had a bit part in La La Land, and recently appeared in Aly & AJ's music video for "Take Me."
For the record, though, Pence could have totally played Hammer's twin. Here's photo evidence.

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If the Social Network didn't work out ideally for Pence, here's hoping that he one day gets his own Parent Trap moment — one where his own face is the star of the show.

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