Lindsay Lohan's Parent Trap Throwback Pic Reminds You That There Really Was Only One Of Her

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We may all endlessly quote Lindsay Lohan's iconic high school flick Mean Girls, but even LiLo hasn't forgotten her film roots. Lohan proved that on Sunday, when she posted an epic throwback photo of her on the set of her 1998 movie The Parent Trap — as she has done for the past two years.
Lohan may currently be sporting an interesting accent — one that she told The Daily Mail comes from "learning different languages" including "Turkish, Italian, and Arabic" — but never forget that before she became a full-blown Londoner over two years ago, she rocked an English accent for the role of Annie James. She also rocked some NoCal 'tude playing the role of Annie's long-lost identical twin sister Hallie Parker, whom many people still believe was portrayed by the twin that Lohan's parents have locked in a basement somewhere. (Her very own Poot Lovato, if you will.)
Alas, this photo reminds us that there's only one of the Freaky Friday actress, who is sporting Annie's preppy-chic look in the throwback pic that Lohan captioned with "#memories."

#memories 🇺🇸🇬🇧

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It's clear that LiLo has a soft spot for her very first film role. In 2016, she posted a since-deleted photo in front of the house that belonged to her character Annie. In 2015, she posted an also deleted photo of herself re-creating a pose from The Parent Trap.
It's not only Lohan who loves The Parent Trap. Fans have already liked the throwback picture over 295,000 times, and many commented to share how special the movie is to them:
"#parenttrap just watched it this past weekend with my daughter!!"
"It was my favourite movie, and since then I love you with all my heart"
"Love that movie seen it soooo many times I lost track"
One fan even quoted Hallie — whom, as you may remember, grew up on a vineyard — who raises eyebrows while attempting to impersonate her British sister:
"A little to robust for a Merlot if you ask me but then again I'm partial to the California grape."
The Parent Trap will celebrate its 19-year anniversary this July.
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