Fans Are Worried About The State Of Jelena Following This Social Media Snafu

Photo: Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock.
Warning: The following story contains abundant, unconfirmed speculation on the status of Jelena. If you are less than obsessed with the seemingly reunited Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, read on to get a better understanding of just how alert their fans are to their every move. In this case, it's a question of whether Bieber had second guesses about liking a photo of his maybe-lady on Instagram.
Selena Gomez Source, a fan Twitter account, first reported that Bieber liked the photo during the American Music Awards on Sunday night, as Elle pointed out.
"Justin Bieber liked this photo of Selena on Instagram," the fan wrote, displaying a screenshot of the black-and-white Instagram pic, showing newly blond Gomez looking sultry. Minutes later, the same account tweeted, "Justin Bieber unliked." (We can't exactly confirm whether this is true.)
Was this a case of Bieber deciding he didn't like Gomez's new 'do? Or that he doesn't like her at all?
Some followers were quick to jump on that assumption.
"LMAO YIKES," @rauhlinmahomie wrote.
Or, was this actually one of those moments when you accidentally press the like button while staring longingly at a photo and then panic about it and unlike, hoping no one noticed? That wouldn't mean trouble in paradise, necessarily. Bieber could have been purposely lying low during Gomez's big night.
"Maybe because it’s her night and he doesn’t want anyone to focus on them," @yoncelieber wrote.
This also could explain why Bieber didn't attend the AMAs at all, even though many would hope it would be their first red carpet together again. While we're speculating, however, you have to wonder if Bieber being there would have helped Gomez after all. Following her performance of "Wolves," Twitter exploded with rumors that she'd suffered a panic attack before the show, and that was why she looked rather despondent as she apparently lip-synched the song. Whatever the real story is, we have one clear fact to report: Fans are there for these two, through thick and thin.

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