Why Selena Gomez's Fans Are Ruthlessly Defending Her AMAs Performance

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Selena Gomez's AMAs performance is already a source of controversy. On Twitter, people criticized the performance because Gomez appeared to be lip-synching. Hard core Selenators are defending her performance, though, due to a rumor that Gomez suffered a panic attack prior to or during her performance.
The performance itself was emotionally charged — a troupe of dancers in white carried Gomez aloft as if they were kidnapping her. The number, directed by the artist Petra Collins, seemed to signify great trials and tribulations. (Or, as the lyrics say, "running through the jungle.") Gomez wore a white slip dress and fake blood on her knees. After the performance, Gomez shrugged and said, "Thank you," seemingly dejected.
"There was a rumor that Selena had a panic attack during her performance, we don't know how true this is but could be why she looked sad throughout," one self-proclaimed Selenator wrote. "No matter what we are grateful for everything she has done."
Another fan argued that the fact that Gomez persevered and performed despite the rumored panic attack was proof that she was a talented performer. They wrote, "The fact that Selena had a panic attack before going on stage and then actually performing is both heartbreaking but shows just how strong she really is."
The account Selena Gomez News was the first to tweet that Gomez had allegedly had an anxiety attack Sunday night. Refinery29 has reached out to this account for comment.
Other fans are arguing that panic attack or no, they stan for Gomez no matter what. Selenators are staunch fans — they don't abandon ship after one alleged lip-sync.
Gomez herself took to Instagram after the performance to thank her fans for their support.
"Thank you guys! We did it! Thank you to my best friend Petra [Collins] for helping me bring it to life," she said. She added the caption, "grateful grateful grateful."
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