Why We Should Be Worried About Fred Andrews On Riverdale

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The only good parent in Riverdale might face a big problem, according to worried fans on Reddit.
Wednesday's episode of Riverdale, "Death Proof," didn't focus much on Archie's father Fred (played by the former Dylan McKay himself, Luke Perry), but it did have a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment that could spell trouble for the construction worker.
Pixy Stix-like drug Jingle Jangle has been making its way through Riverdale, with nearly all the Archie Comics-based teens partaking in some JJ at Veronica's party. When Josie's mother, Mayor McCoy, found out about her daughter's partying, she immediately criticized the Pussycat for taking the drug, given Josie's dad's own history of addiction — the first time fans heard of her father having a problem.
Why is that weird? Well, at the end of the episode, we saw Archie and Fred sitting together in his bedroom, discussing the events of the day — as Fred pops what seems to be a painkiller. Archie looks particularly concerned, but Fred just shrugs him off.
Now, fans on Reddit think this scene could be significant to the rest of the season.
"Anyone else wondering what that was? Archie's gaze lingered on Fred for way too long – is he okay? I feel like it's significant," wrote Redditor lozzieluce.
Others followed up, suggesting that maybe Fred will develop a drug problem.
"He was gulping pills wasn’t he?," asked heartsandribbons. "Probably getting a drug problem"
Given season 2 of Riverdale's focus on drugs infiltrating the sleepy town, it would make sense for someone like Fred — a beacon of the "goodness" within the town of Riverdale — to fall victim to addiction.
Fred's potential drug problem puts him at risk for more than one reason. Not only would it be particularly difficult to watch Fred battle addition, it could make him susceptible to further targeting by the Black Hood.
The killer stalking the small town absolutely hates drugs, and went so far as to shoot a supplier of Jingle Jangle after Betty named him in the newspaper. He also shot both Midge and Moose, solely because they were doing Jingle Jangle. Fred was already a Black Hood target but could be the focus of the killer's rage once again if he finds out that the attempt on his life wasn't enough to stop his so-called "bad behavior."
We already almost lost Fred once, and Riverdale isn't easing anyone's mind about this dad's safety. The best we can do is hope that the Black Hood stays far, far away from Mr. Andrews.
If you are struggling with substance abuse, please call the SAMHSA National Helpline at 1-800-662-4357 for free and confidential information. For more stories about our many paths to, through, and away from parenthood, head to Mothership.

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