Ashley Benson Calls Out Hollywood For Their Photoshop Addiction

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This is news that should (sadly) surprise no one: Actress Ashley Benson admitted to Stylecaster that the promotional materials for Pretty Little Liars were photoshopped, according to a report from Glamour.
In the interview, Benson explains her reaction to the posters for the first season of Pretty Little Liars, saying, "PLL had put up this poster and it was from our first season, and it was completely crazy," she said. "Nobody looked like themselves."
Benson went on to explain she's not here for the Photoshop in most circumstances, saying "You never know how it’s going to turn out because you have no control and you’re not editing the photos, but it sucks when you’re like, 'Wow. That’s a completely different person.'"
"I always make sure to tell people, with any sh*t that I do or anyone else does, that unless it’s announced that it’s not Photoshopped, it’s Photoshopped," she told Stylecaster of her perspective on the photo editing tool. "And don’t get down on yourself for not looking a certain way because it takes a lot of hair and makeup, a ton of good lighting, and after the shoot, it’s all this editing."
Benson joins her former costar Troian Bellisario, who recently had a message for advertisers about heavy photo editing. Bellisario has spoken publicly about struggling with her body image and an eating disorder, and the actor believes that edited images contribute to the issue. She wrote an Instagram post explaining that she believes that some products are sold on the basis of comparison with heavily altered images with the idea that we "need to buy this product to be like the person in the ad. And feel better about ourselves."
Of course, fans know this is not the first time the beloved show has been called out for a Photoshop fail. In 2016, a poster Freeform released for the series left one of the characters strangely without a leg.

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Bellisario ended her post by describing a world it seems many hope could be possible, writing, "What an amazing world it would be if we could just acknowledge that. And then celebrate that we all look different, have different bodies and different backgrounds and histories, and then find all of those differences beautiful."
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