Chrissy Teigen Has Been Reunited With Her Beloved Bulldog After A Health Scare

Fact: Dogs are perfect creatures that are too good for humans and the cold, dark world we've created. They're joyful, snuggly, free-spirited, and have the ability to make even the most stoic person alive squee emphatically. So, when we hear stories about a pooch getting sick, we all understandably go into full-on panic mode.
The same is true for Chrissy Teigen, who tweeted on Sunday that her bulldog Puddy, a.k.a. her "first born baby" had been hospitalized.
Immediate after posting, fans started tweeting both their condolences and photos of ridiculously cute pups in hopes of putting a smile on her face. There were these dogs, who looked very festive in their wheelbarrow while surrounded by pumpkins.
Then, there was this dog who doesn't seem to know how to keep all of his teeth in his mouth.
Overall, there were a lot of dogs riding the good vibes train, and their loyalty and love seemed to work, because now Puddy is back at home!
Teigen shared her utter excitement along with a video of Luna and Puddy hanging out on what appears to be a fabulous, fuzzy rug.
"My baby is back!!!!!!! Bulldog you made me cry harder than any other living being ever has. My old man monster I love you," she captioned the 10-second clip. Later, she added that Puddy "does have a tumor on his heart and he's basically a 70 year old man beast," but that she was "so happy to have him home right now for morethanjustworkfriendsgiving."
If you're sad that you are not invited to her work shindig, don't worry: neither was I. But the sting of not being included in what has to be one delicious gathering — she is the author of a cookbook, after all — pales in comparison to how giddy I am to see a member of her family back in motion. Finally, we've been graced with some damn good news for a change!

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