Chrissy Teigen's Roasting Skills Are Not Limited To The Kitchen

Whoever said there are seven deadly sins is wrong. There are eight, including "Coming For Chrissy Teigen In Any Capacity." Though this transgression may not sound as sinister as gluttony or vanity, it is punishable by extreme public humiliation; a lesson one Twitter user learned the hard way after insulting her culinary capabilities.
According to BuzzFeed, it all started on Tuesday, when Teigen tweeted that we would never, ever catch her using 280 characters, a noble act of defiance against the social media platform's attempt to turn into Xanga.
Many fans couldn't resist tweeting verbose responses back in her direction, including one person who (hilariously) typed out the lyrics to "Fight Song," which I will now be trying to get out of my head for the next three days. Thanks a lot to everyone involved.
An hour and a half later some guy who calls himself Grapesoda dropped in and said, "That's cause you can't cook for shit," before he basically implied he's Bobby Flay in the kitchen.
While I don't know how any of this relates to the topic of 280-character tweets, I do know it was a big mistake. A couple hours later, probably after she made herself a delicious late-night snack, Teigen all but obliterated Grapesoda from this planet.
"I have a #1 New York Times best selling cookbook and cook 3 course meals around 14 times a week. But yeah, you go to the grocery store sometimes," she wrote.
Looks like holiday chicken isn't the only thing Teigen's excellent at roasting!
Honestly, at this point, it seems outrageous that anyone could possibly think they could outwit Teigen online. If she's not afraid of trolling the president of the United States, she's definitely not afraid of someone with under 500 followers. Consider this your final warning.

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