Chris Hemsworth Was Called Out & Challenged To A "Battle Of The Jams"

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Thor: Ragnarok is finding itself in a peculiar place. Sure, fans love it. Critics love it, too. But someone isn't so happy about the film's use of the classic Led Zeppelin track, "Immigrant Song."
Nerdist reports that Jack Black, the guy behind Tenacious D and the guitar impresario that managed to get a prep school the top spot in a battle of the bands, is challenging Chris Hemsworth to a "Battle of the Jams" since his School of Rock used the same Zeppelin tune.
That's thunder god vs. rock god.
Black may have made a mistake directing his gauntlet at Hemsworth, since the actor probably had little to nothing to do with the choice of music in Ragnarok, but director Taika Waititi cleared things up. He reposted Black's challenge on Twitter and mentioned Hemsworth. The god of thunder may have nothing to do with the song's placement in the film, but he did get called out specifically, and no self-respecting superhero would turn down a challenge.
"Guilty as charged," Hemsworth said in his Instagram response. "We stole 'Immigrant Song' from you, but guess what? You stole it, too. And as Oscar Wilde once said, 'Talent borrows and genius steals.' So, we're both guilty of the same crime."
Hemsworth goes on to explain that in School of Rock, Black actually says that "Immigrant Song" is actually not the "greatest song in the world," so the actor and musician shouldn't be holding any sort of grudge. And unfortunately for fans, Hemsworth said that even though the challenge is out there now, he's not even sure what a "challenge of the jams" even entails.
"I know what jam is. Jam on toast. I love a bit of that. Little Pearl Jam?" Hemsworth explains, throwing up the devil horns. "Awesome. So, let's do it. Whatever. My place or yours, baby? I'm in."

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While there's no set date for this epic battle just yet, if it does manage to happen (fingers crossed), it's sure to be a can't-miss event. Hemsworth isn't exactly known for his ability to rock out and Black has plenty of experience behind a mic, but knowing just how enthusiastic both can get means there's no way to tell how this particular showdown will turn out.
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