Why The Internet Loves This Airport Employee's Uniform

People on the subreddit r/funny are obsessed with an airport employee's uniform for the most hilarious reason. Look closely at the photo below, posted on Reddit by user @M-Lin. The user captioned it, "I don't know how she finds time for airport security."
"RAPS 247." They spit rhymes 24/7...get it? Get it? Yeah, people latch on to the weirdest things.
The OP didn't clarify (and probably didn't know) who the employee was or at which airport the photo was taken, but, whoever this is, we hope they know what a cool uniform they have.
Spotted by Travel + Leisure, the thread went wild with puns. There was "TSNWA," "Straight outta customs," and plenty of terrible Tupac jokes. ("Did you 2pac your bags yourself?," "Tarmac Shakur.") There were also Eminem jokes: "My name is what? Name is who? Security's Shady." "Would the non-refunded volunteers, please stand up?"
If there's anything Reddit does well, it's puns — and, TBH, we're fully in support of anything that makes airports seem a little less boring.

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