All The Clues That Jenny Slate & Chris Evans Are Probably Back Together

The state of my own romantic life is barren enough that I've officially thrown all my emotional well being into that of Jenny Slate's. Like most brown-haired women with bangs who weren't popular in high school, I feel a personal connection with the comedian, which is why I am watching her possibly-rekindled relationship with Chris Evans like a hawk. When the news first broke that they were dating, it was a victory for me, personally. Then when they broke up, I grieved as if I had lost my own "golden-colored" lover.
But there's been a change in the wind these past few weeks, and it's all happening on Twitter. As evidenced by this video below, the two are definitely spending more time together, and if you study both of their social medias carefully, you'll see that they've been flirting up a storm for us all to see.
Sure, this video is purportedly about Chris Evan's singing dog, but of equal importance is the voice in the background. I've watched Obvious Child enough times to know that laugh belongs to Jenny Slate.
Then, there was this exchange that happened late last month:
After Evans tweeted that the MASH theme song brought him back to his schoolboy days, Slate decided to play along.
"C'mon, Christopher, have you done your homework or haven't you?" she joked. "It's 7pm and you've had the whoooooole weekend. C'mon."
"How's your handwriting?" he replied. "Can you write me a note? Let's cut class!"
"This is terrifying and exhilarating," Slate responded, echoing my feelings exactly. "Meet me behind the gym after science. I have shark bites." Flirt city, population: 2.
And, while Evans doesn't have his Twitter likes visable, Slate certainly does, and she's been throwing a lot of love his way over this past month, liking all of these tweets Evans has dropped:
We've reached out to both Slate and Evan's teams for comment and will update if we hear back.

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