Don Jr. Telling People To Vote On The Wrong Day Proves It Runs In The Family

Another day, another excuse for Donald Trump Jr. to put his pinned tweet, "Life is hard; it's even harder when you're stupid," into action.
This morning, the 45th president's spawn tweeted out a lame attempt to get Virginians to the polls. I say lame because, well, he didn't even share the correct date...TWICE.
According to The Hill, Jr. shared two messages with his 2.2 million Twitter followers, both of which encouraged people to rally behind his dad and vote Republican Ed Gillespie into office as Virginia's new governor.
"Let's take @EdWGillespie across the finish line tomorrow! Virginia: Get out and vote for Ed & entire @GOP ticket," he tweeted bright and early this morning.
Later, The Hill reports he shared a now-deleted tweet which read, "Virginia, the future of the Commonwealth is at stake tomorrow," and included a link for people to find their polling places.
I think three things could have happened here:
1) The Mueller investigation is seriously messing with his head.
2) He honestly does not know that Election Day is always held on the Tuesday following the first Monday of November and is referring to last year's election date, which was held on November 8.
3) Donny wanted to step into his dad's baggy suit and follow in his forgetful footsteps.
Remember that time Trump told people to "make sure you get out and vote November 28?"
Classic Trump move.
It's all very embarrassing, especially since every smartphone calendar already has national holidays plugged in and ready to go for user convenience. Oh, and also because Jr.'s connected to the White House and it's frankly unfathomable that any elected official or their family members wouldn't know when the most important day of a politician's career takes place.
Many, of course, dragged him, including CNN's Jake Tapper and Sausage Party creator Seth Rogen.
Honestly, I don't know what else I expected would happen. This is the same guy who bashed Hollywood elites for racking up sexual harassment allegations while conveniently forgetting to mention his own father's dark history. He's also the guy whose weird attempt at dunking on socialism proved that he doesn't actually know anything about socialism.
Sure, it's fun to laugh at this walking, talking Ed Hardy cologne, but ultimately, his gaffes demonstrate just how screwed we all are. How are we supposed to bolster civic engagement when people with ties to the most powerful person in the world have no idea what they're yammering on about?

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