The Best Powder Foundations That Actually Look Like Skin

Not too long ago, wearing powder foundation was what I like to refer to as "The Terrible D's." Dry, dusty (sooo dusty), and difficult. And that's if you could even find your shade. Unfortunately, people with really fair or deep skin tones were often left out of the mix and had only two options: Either settle on what was available (with less than ideal results) or wear nothing at all. In hindsight, it was basically just a hot mess for everyone involved.
Thankfully, those days are becoming a distant memory as makeup companies across the board have stepped up their game, offering a wider range of shades that are also comfortable to wear (regardless of skin texture), look natural, and last longer without the need for constant touch-ups. From Lancôme and Bobbi Brown to bargain brands like NYX Cosmetics, meeting your desired price point is totally possible, too.
Click ahead for our editors' favorite powders that are anything but ashy.

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