Jimmy Fallon Tricks Blake Shelton Into Eating Disgusting Stuff

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC.
Blake Shelton was a guest on Monday night's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his new album Texoma Shore. The country singer took part in a festive game with the show's host called "Caramel Apple Roulette."
The game sounds simple enough, except four out of the 12 apples arranged between them are actually caramel-covered onions. The first person to bite into two onions loses.
Throughout the game, Shelton got the raw end of the deal – well the raw onion end at least. "This is the dumbest thing," the singer said, joking that the only reason he was on The Tonight Show was "because Seth Meyers was booked."
"Just take a bite and have faith," Fallon teased after Shelton selected his first caramel-coated mystery produce. Shelton's first pick was an onion, and by the look on his face we are guessing that caramel-covered onions taste nothing like the infinitely more delicious caramelized onions. Close in name, not in taste.
The Tonight Show host laughed at his guest's unfortunate choice saying, "Blake, I'm so happy that you're here."
It was Fallon's turn next, but before he could pick one of the remaining 11 "apples," Shelton interjected. "I'm not going to sell one album off this stupid crap!" He joked. Fallon picks one and tries to psych himself up. "I'm pretty confident," he said looking at his choice; however, his confidence was misplaced. He, too, picked an onion. Giving him a standing ovation, Shelton clearly felt vindicated.
Round two was more suspenseful and shortlived. Shelton's second choice was an onion, making Fallon the winner.
While this may not be a game we would play with our friends, it is certainly funny to watch other people play it.
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