Is Drunk Yoga Officially Taking The Quirky Yoga Trend Too Far?

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
Just when we thought we'd seen every quirky yoga class out there, we came across something that tops even goat yoga and naked yoga.
Grey Lady in New York City is hosting a "Drunk Yoga" class, Gothamist reports. But while it sounds entertaining, it may not be the healthiest or safest form of exercise.
Eli Walker teaches the $30 basic vinyassa class alongside an open bar with unlimited wine, which students can bring with them to their mats. "I've had a lot of people, whether in classes, or friends, or people I met at parties say something like, 'I'd love to try yoga but I can't because I'm not flexible, or too afraid I'd look stupid,'" she told Gothamist. "I thought it would be fun to turn yoga into more of a party. If I made it into a game it would make people more comfortable."
Walker believes that sometimes, you need some liquid courage to give the tough poses a shot. "One of my students said he can't touch his toes on a day to day basis, but when he's doing drunk yoga, he can touch his toes," she explained. "It makes him feel empowered to do something he thinks he can't with his body."
However, this might not be a good thing: Since alcohol impairs your judgment, it may leave you more prone to injury during exercise, according to Columbia University. And because it's also a diuretic — that is, it makes you pee — it can cause you to lose fluids and electrolytes, which are both essential for workouts.
So, booze may liven up a yoga class, but it's definitely not the best exercise drink. If you're looking for a silly way to do yoga, it's probably best to sign up for a class with cats in the studio and save the wine for afterward.

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