30 Bizarre Fitness Classes That Actually Exist

Photographed by Winnie Au.
Sure, some of us really do enjoy working out for the sake of it. But the rest of us need to think a little further outside the box when it comes to fitness. And, ideally, we'll get so drawn into the excitement of it that we'll forget — or, better yet, relish — the fact that we're doing actual exercise.
Enter the wild world of group fitness. Thankfully, for those of us who can only spend so many hours on the elliptical, trainers and fitness gurus are a creative bunch. From metal yoga to indoor surfing, it seems like there's a wacky new class to try every week. The best part: Although these may disguise your workouts in a few layers of fun and competition, don't be fooled. These are still very much workouts.
Click through to see some of the most innovative, unique, and just plain weird fitness classes out there. Maybe you'll find your new favorite way to sweat. Or, at the very least, a treadmill won't seem so intimidating.

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