Is Jared Leto A Vampire?

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Ellen DeGeneres asked the question we have all been wondering for a while now. Does Jared Leto ever age?
Surely, Jared Leto himself would know, right? Spoiler alert: He doesn't. On the segment Show Me More on Degeneres' YouTube channel, Leto was put to the test. Two photos were put side-by-side and he was asked to guess in which one he was younger and older.
Of course, technically, time is passing. We all watched as the musician and actor grew his enviably gorgeous hair out into the shining, bouncy waves we wish we had. Whoever thought the 30 Seconds To Mars frontman could go from guyliner and goth to being hair goals with ombré waves? That alone is a convincing measure of time. However, aside from small changes, does Jared Leto really look older? I'm convinced that if he dressed up as Jordan Catalano from My So-Called Life now, I wouldn't know the difference.
"Apparently the internet thinks that I’m ageless or that I’ve sold my soul to the devil, so I’m going to see if that’s true," he prefaced.
The video takes him on a trip down memory lane to some of his more noteworthy looks – and he's had a few. It seems like it would be a simple challenge, but with each unsuccessful guess, he seemed more unsure. He pokes fun at some of his more statement-making past looks. "A little guy-liner, a little black hair dye. God, I miss it," Leto comments on one of his looks from when he was 34 years old.
The most shocking reveal comes at the end, when he fails to correctly guess between two photos that are 10 years apart. To give him a little credit, his hairstyles in each were pretty similar. Maybe Ellen will make it a series? Next up, Pharrell.
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