Nicole Kidman Debunks A Big Little Rumor About Big Little Lies

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Nicole Kidman is slaying gossip, in addition to slaying husbands on Big Little Lies. In a lengthy interview with HuffPost and her Beguiled and The Killing of a Sacred Deer costar Colin Farrel, she sets the record straight on some seriously spicy scuttlebutt.
The Hollywood Reporter reported earlier this month that Amazon passed on hosting Big Little Lies because Roy Price, former studio head of the streaming service, passed on the show. But the reason Price passed? He reportedly wanted more nudity in the show — specifically, he wanted lead actresses Kidman and Reese Witherspoon to "show their tits" according to a source. Price was later ousted from Amazon over separate sexual harassment allegations.
But! It turns out the story isn't quite so salacious. Kidman seemed genuinely confused when HuffPost journalist Matthew Jacobs asked her about it. "I was there in the room when we were deciding where to put [the show], and no. I would say that’s completely untrue. There was no script," Kidman says, firmly denying earlier reporting about Price.
"I think we were pitched and we had our choice, and we chose HBO. We didn’t have a script at that stage when we pitched it. I truly believe projects end up where they’re meant to end up. I already had a relationship with HBO, Reese loved HBO because of what they were able to give us, and that was just where we ended up. We’ve all got other projects with Netflix and Amazon, so I don’t know what that is. I’d not ever heard that," she elaborates.
This spicy rumor has just become a loaf of bread.

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