Colton Haynes' Over-The-Top Halloween Costume Just Broke The Internet

Prepare yourself: Colton Hayne's Halloween costume for 2017 is a doozy. The actor is known for his dedication to really cool costumes, and this year, he went with yellow cartoon mom, Marge Simpson. Sorry, a sexy Marge Simpson. As Buzzfeed reports, Haynes' costume is getting a lot of attention online — both because it's well-done and it's probably the textbook definition of "extra."
For the costume, Haynes wore an impressive set of fake breasts as well as googly eyes the size of golfballs. He wore it to to host a Halloween party for Freixenet Cava, a brand of sparkling wine. He also wore a prosthetic butt for the costume. Oh, and prosthetic lips. In summary: a lot of effort went into this costume.
Observe it in all its glory:

Excited to host @FreixenetUSA 2nd Annual Black Magic Halloween Affair tonight! #ad #BubsInTheClub #FXCava #CavaWeen

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The internet is enthralled. Fans of Haynes were excited for yet another fabulous costume. (In past years, he's been Ursula, Miss Piggy, and Shrek, all just as extreme as this year's outfit.)
"Yes!!! I look forward to seeing his costumes every year!!!! Gets better and better!" one commenter wrote enthusiastically on Haynes' post.
Another noted, "He always goes so method with Halloween I can’t."
Yet another pointed out that Haynes is gaining on Heidi Klum, who right now owns the title of Queen of Hollywood Halloween. Klum is also very enthusiastic about costumes — who can forget when she was utterly unrecognizable as Jessica Rabbit?
Even Lisa Rinna joined in on the fun. "If you’re not following @ColtonLHaynes on Instagram and watching his Marge Simpson stories, then you’re doing life all wrong," Rinna wrote on Twitter.
The best part of Haynes' costume is when begins to take it off. At the end of the night, Haynes removed most of his prosthetics, hopped into a book, and danced to "Mi Gente."
"Post Halloween dance of shame "Mi Gente" @jbalvin & @beyonce," Haynes captioned the video on Instagram. "[Photographed] by my love @jeffleatham who still wants to be with me even tho I act like this lol"
Don't worry, Colton. We, like your love, are huge fans because you act like this.
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