The One Thing You Haven't Noticed About Lady Gaga's Hair Recently

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Monet painted with oils. Donatello sculpted with metal. For singer Lady Gaga, her preferred method of artistry is through costume and hair. Whether it's a clip-on bow that takes up 3/4 of her head or a sheath made entirely from purple extensions, the better portion of her career has involved using beauty to make a powerful statement. (Even if these days she's far more likely to show up wearing a pink cowgirl hat than a deeply matted hairball headpiece.)
So this past week, when the singer posted an onslaught of photos to Instagram, in which she stood stoically behind and next to past U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents at the One America Appeal relief concert, we couldn't help but wonder the significance behind her buttery Marilyn Monroe-inspired hairdo — a look she's kept since. It's quite the change-up for the star, considering she had been pictured days earlier with her signature long, layered ends.

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The pin-up-worthy style, carefully coiffed to one side, looks damn near identical to the late star — even her bold, expertly shaped eyebrows and flick of winged eyeliner are uncanny.

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But as we all know, everything Gaga does is intentional (yes, even the white pantsuit had meaning). Which begs the question: Could the look be a subtle dig at the 45th POTUS, who recently ordered the 3,150 documents on JFK's untimely death be released? Monroe, after all, was a frequent guest at the White House, even famously singing "Happy Birthday" to the former commander-in-chief. Maybe she's trying to channel her inner bombshell, as she did at last year's Golden Globes.
Or maybe — just maybe — the similarities are nothing more than sheer coincidence. Perhaps this time, the statement she's trying to make goes beyond the color of her hair or the way she decided to style it. She's giving a nod to a 1950s icon while tackling important women's issues, which, if you ask us, is what's really worth going gaga for.
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