Expect To See Instagram's Newest Video Feature All Over Your Feed

Instagram is showing its sense of humor with a fun new feature called Superzoom, that's perfectly timed for your Halloween-weekend adventures. The tool, found in the Instagram camera, evokes a classic film technique you'll recognize in many a cult-horror flick: In a moment of drama, the camera pans to the protagonist and zooms in on their terrified face as haunting music plays in the background.
That's exactly what Superzoom does, overly dramatic music included. To try it, open the Instagram camera as you usually do, by swiping from left to right across the screen if you're in the main Instagram feed or tapping the camera icon in the upper lefthand corner. You'll see Superzoom as a new mode along the bottom toolbar, alongside the ones you already know: live, normal, boomerang, rewind, and hands-free. Tap once to record a three-second Superzoom, or tap and hold to record a zoom that lasts longer. From there, send your silly video in a DM or add to your Story.
Courtesy of Instagram.
You could always zoom while recording a video on Instagram, and plenty of people have done so to hilarious effect. But Superzoom adds the music for you and simplifies the process. You no longer need to pinch your fingers outward onscreen to capture a friend making a funny face or a ridiculous moment during your commute. There will be no shortage of extreme close-ups filling your Stories tray.
In addition to Superzoom, you might have noticed other Halloween-y additions in Stories, including emotive candy corn, pumpkins, and bloodshot eyeball stickers, and some truly creepy, alarmingly life-like face filters. Try "flashlight," a filter with major Blairwitch Project vibes, at your own risk.
Photo: Courtesy of Instagram.
Superzoom will start rolling out to iOS and Android today. If you haven't already, try out two-person live streaming, which was released worldwide earlier this week.
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