Moms Are Praising Tia Mowry For Her Son's Drastic Haircut & The Reason Is Adorable

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Yesterday, Tia Mowry posted a series of adorable videos showing her 6-year-old son Cree getting a drastic haircut. Wrapped in a black smock, Cree laughs excitedly as he has his hair trimmed with scissors and then yells eagerly when the barber brings out the electric razor. All the while, we hear Mowry cackling warmly and making sweet remarks like "You look like a big boy already!" and "Wow, you look so handsome, boy!" Despite the fact that the cut is so radical that Cree exclaims, "People are not gonna recognize me at school" Mowry happily lets her son take the big step, and her fellow moms are applauding her for that.
In the caption accompanying her Instagram slideshow, Tia Mowry gave a straightforward explanation for why she lets her 6-year-old call the shots when it comes to his hair. She wrote, "Yes, someone got a hair cut. I just did a live video explaining why I decided to cut my sons hair. If you missed it, it's plain and simple. He asked me to. As his mom, I'm here to nurture his thoughts and ideas and that's exactly what I did. He said he wanted to look like daddy and was very specific how he wanted his hair. Someone is a very happy boy and that's all that matters." Are we the only ones tearing up?

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After Mowry posted her message and shared her videos, sweet comments started pouring in from other moms on Instagram. Many commenters wrote in to praise the actress and cookbook author for allowing her son to express himself and not dictating what he does with his body.
One person commented, "That's so awesome! Anybody who has a problem with that can kick rocks. As moms we need to nurture our children and let them express themselves" Another said, "Awww Cree's haircut is adorable and kudos to you Tia for not letting anyone take his decision away from him including yourself. I think this is great!" Not that it matters what we think about her parenting, but clearly Tia Mowry was right to trust her son's instincts and style. You noticed his fried eggs and bacon pajamas, right?

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