KJ Apa Answers The Riverdale Question On Everyone's Mind: Why Is Archie So Bad At Singing?

Photo: Courtesy of the CW.
There are a few questions that we seem to ask ourselves over and over while watching episodes of The CW's hit show Riverdale. For instance, "who is 'The Angel of Death?'" or "Why are the kids still interested in eating at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe?" and of course, the most confusing one of all, "Why is Archie Andrews such a terrible musician? Well, finally, we have an answer to that last one.
In a recent interview with The Last Magazine, KJ Apa, the actor who plays Archie Andrews in Riverdale, was very upfront about Archie being a bad musician. Apa, 20, taught himself to play guitar when he was just 12-years-old and even brought his instrument with him to audition for the part of Archie. Because of those facts, you would expect Apa's character to actually be a talented musician, but in the interview, he reminds us that Archie has only just started getting into music.
Apa told The Last, "I don’t know how to say it, but we’re not at the same level, you know what I mean? Somehow I have to say that in not a cocky way, but he’s a beginner." Perhaps because he's portrayed by an actual man, we tend to forget that Archie is only supposed to be about 16-years-old, so we could stand to cut him some slack instead of cringing, as he sings his original song "I'll Try" at Riverdale High's variety show.
While we could definitely be a bit more understanding about Archie's status as a novice musician, we don't have to feel too bad about wanting to fast forward through every scene of his singing. Not even KJ Apa is hold back when it comes to insulting Archie Andrew's music. He explained to The Last, "The songs that he writes, I don’t think I would listen to them. I do not have the same taste in music as him. I listen to a bit of everything, but mostly classic rock and punk rock. I’m into harder stuff than Archie is."
I don't think we have to feel bad about hating Archie's music or about KJ Apa thinking he's a bad musician because everyone in Riverdale inexplicably seems to think he's a musical genius. The Pussycats have let him write tunes for them, even though they're so clearly better and all around more interesting. Archie even used his musical prowess to attract a teacher who was several years older than him. So, he seems to be doing fine with his mediocre skills and less than one year of formal training.
Oh, also he's a fictional character and doesn't have feelings.

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