We're Still Not Over This Major Health Code Violation On Riverdale

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The CW's Riverdale is finally back, and of course, we've eagerly devoured both season 2 episodes that have so far been released. For the most part, we've been pretty content with how things are playing out for the gang, but there's one thing about the last two episodes that we're having trouble digesting, and we need to talk about it. Why is everyone still eating at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe? We're not trying to throw shade at Pop Tate, especially because we're sure his burgers and milkshakes are usually incredibly tasty. We just cannot imagine eating a meal at a diner that is still an active crime scene. Let's break this down.
In "Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying," Betty and Jughead walk into Pop's and are faced with a pool of Fred Andrews' blood. This, on it's own, raises quite a few questions. Why was the diner not roped off with crime scene tape?
Photo: Courtesy of The CW.
Photo: Courtesy of The CW.
When Pop enters the front of the diner to see Betty and Jughead staring at the blood, he simply says, "Sorry, kids, we, uh... We're closed today." At this point in the episode, many of us found ourselves screaming at the television screen, "Why didn't you lock the door, Pop?! There's literally blood in the middle of your restaurant and you just experienced an attempted robbery." We're not the only ones who had a major issue with this part of season 2, episode 1.
After Betty and Jughead tell Pop what they're doing at the crime scene, he starts to casually mop up Mr. Andrew's blood, right in front of the kids. He then proceeds to ask them if they're hungry. Even as people who love to eat, we can't really imagine a time we'd be less hungry than right after watching our best friend's dad's blood being mopped up in our favorite restaurant.
Here, it seems, we finally have a character who's on the same page. Betty is totally weirded out when Jughead takes Pop up on his offer, and when she gives him a "how can you eat at a time like this" look, he responds by explaining that crises make him hungry. Things get even weirder when Betty and Jughead later bring Pop's food to the hospital for everyone waiting to hear how Mr. Andrews' is recovering. You know, from being shot inside the diner where the food's from.
While we can definitely understand wanting to bring comfort food to the hospital, there's another factor here that absolutely no one know is acknowledging. Isn't Pop Tate violating at least one restaurant health code rule? To go from mopping up blood to preparing food that quickly just seems wrong.
In season 2, episode 2, we see Betty and Jughead go on a mission to save Pop's Diner, and for the first time, we actually felt ourselves taking sides with Mayor McCoy. When the teen crusaders approach her and ask her to make Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe a historic landmark in order to help Pop Tate with business, she responds, "My priority as a mayor and as a mother is keeping this town safe. If we have to close Pop's, I'm all for it." Now, we're not saying that it's right for her to turn her back on an important community establishment and one of the town's most beloved residents. And we definitely don't think that Pop's should close forever, but we just wish these kids would give it a minute. Their best friend's dad was just shot at this diner. And, what about Pop Tate? He's just been through a whole traumatic experience of being held up. If it's financially possible, we recommend he take a beat, close the shop for a couple weeks, and go on a rejuvenating vacation. You know, if Betty and Jughead would just leave him alone.
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