Seeing Princess Margaret's Morning Routine Makes Us Long To Be Royalty

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How much do you get done in a typical morning? Probably quite a lot, especially if you're trying to fit in a gym class before work, or have a deadline or report due by lunchtime.
So it's hard not to look at the morning routine of Princess Margaret (yes, the one who stole every scene in The Crown) from 195, as the epitome of "life goals."
According to an excerpt from the book Ma’am Darling by Craig Brown, which was posted on Twitter by writer Gareth Roberts, Princess Margaret would apparently start her day with "two hours in bed listening to the radio, reading the newspapers... and chain-smoking."
The late Princess, younger sister of Queen Elizabeth, would then take a bath drawn for her by a lady's maid, before having her hair and make-up-done at her dressing table.
At 12.30pm, she would finally appear downstairs for a "vodka pick-me-up" at 12:30, which is something we're used to seeing on Mad Men but would have never imagined was part of #princesslife.
After that, she would join the Queen Mother for an "informal" four-course lunch washed down by half a bottle of wine. It's not decadent if it's your everyday life.
Check out her full morning routine as posted on Twitter below.
Now, it goes without saying that the Royal Family has modernized a lot since 1955. Prince William and Kate Middleton's morning routine is surely a lot busier — and less boozy — than the one enjoyed by the late Princess Margaret. Then again, one Refinery29 UK writer had quite a time when he tried to drink like the Queen for a day.
While Princess Margaret's morning routine isn't very realistic in 2017, or very healthy for that matter, there's nothing to stop us from trying it. Sounds like an awesome Sunday Funday plan.
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