Miles Teller's Marriage Proposal Was A LOT

Photo: Jason Koerner/Getty Images.
Pictured: Teller and Sperry.
Pop quiz. If your significant other leads you to a remote location and says, "today was the last day you woke up as my girlfriend," do you: a) run screaming for your life; b) brace yourself for a breakup; or c) hope that he's Miles Teller and that this is just his slightly ominous way to popping the question?
The War Dogs and Whiplash actor is newly engaged to longtime girlfriend Keleigh Sperry, after proposing during an African safari in August. The couple shared their engagement story with People, and frankly, it's kind of bizarre. (But no judgment; one woman's nightmare of one day seeing "Baby will u marry me?" flashing on the big screen at Fenway is another woman's ultimate fantasy. And for the record, Sperry said yes.)
Teller took a sort of tombstone approach to the proposal, tying this note and a rose to a tree near where the couple was staying during their African adventure: “May 11th, 2013-August 20th, 2017.” Gulp.
The actor then got down on bended knee and uttered a sentence that's somehow equal parts romantic and menacing.
"This was the first day that I asked you to be my girlfriend, and today was the last day you woke up as my girlfriend," he told her.
At this point, we'd be looking for a shovel and a shallow grave, but the Sperryl said the moment was "perfect."
"I’ll never get the image out of my head of him down on one knee with a tear in his eye,” Sperry told People. “He really thought about every detail and was so nervous!”
Congrats to the happy couple. And hey, there's no shame in asking for help from a screenwriter pal when drafting those vows, buddy.
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