Inaugural 'Grams: Celebrities' First Instagram Posts

Who needs time capsules when you've got an Instagram feed? Take a few minutes (or more than a few minutes, depending on output) to scroll through a feed, and you'll chance upon a relic: The Instagrams from days of yore.
These days, Instagram has a pretty strict code of conduct. Post pictures of pretty things, and if you dare post a photo of something non-pretty, you'd better come up with a witty caption. But in the early days, it was the Wild Wild West. Celebrities dared to post photos that didn't include their face. People actually used frames, an early Instagram function that's now lost to the annals of time. Photos were grainy! And, captions weren't all that witty. If today's Instagram is the Princess of Genovia, then the early version is all Mia Thermopolis.
Looking at the very first Instagrams of your favorite celebrities is like checking in on social media puberty. For your enjoyment, we've collected the first Instagrams of 30 of the celebs you know and love. Granted, there's no way to verify whether or not these are truly the inaugural posts — the wisest Instagram users delete their early work so as to avoid embarrassment. Others have to restart the Instagram accounts after being hacked. In such cases, we carry on, and pretend as if the very first post on their feed is the First Ever Instagram.
And now, a trip through social media history.
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