Amber Tamblyn Shared Quentin Tarantino's Statement Disavowing Weinstein

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Friday morning, the actress, director and poet Amber Tamblyn shared a statement from the director Quentin Tarantino, who has a longstanding relationship with disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein. Tamblyn, who is friends with Tarantino, introduced the statement by saying he asked her to share his thoughts after a "long dinner." (Tamblyn has already condemned Weinstein, and has turned off Twitter today in solidarity with #WomenBoycottTwitter.)
Tarantino's statement reflects a conflicted celebrity. "For the last week I've been stunned and heartbroken about the revelations that have come to light about my friend for 25 years Harvey Weinstein," he wrote. "I need a few more days to process my pain, emotions, and anger and memory and then I will speak publicly about it."
The Weinstein Company and its subsidiaries have produced more than a few of Tarantino's movies. In particular, Weinstein Co. produced Grindhouse, which contains the segment Death Proof, which stars Rose McGowan, one of Weinstein's most vocal detractors.
Miramax, the independent film distributor founded by Harvey and Bob Weinstein, produced Pulp Fiction (1994) and distributed Reservoir Dogs (1992). The Weinstein Company produced Django Unchained (2012) and distributed The Hateful Eight (2015).
Tarantino is one among a number of Hollywood men that have come forward to condemn Weinstein's impressive history of sexual assault, harassment, and rape. The New York Times and the New Yorker's parallel exposés on Hollywood's "open secret" portrayed an industry in which powerful men ignored and even covered for Weinstein's nasty "habit." Tarantino is one such man — he worked with Weinstein for 25 years, as he said in his statement. This makes him seem complicit. Deadline notes that Tarantino is set to work on a film about the Manson murders set to arrive in theaters in 2019. The Weinstein Company was to produce the film. (The Weinstein Company is reportedly going to change its name, but has yet to announced its new branding strategy.)
Darren Aronofsky, another powerful director in Hollywood, recently made his own statement against Weinstein. "Sexual abuse of any type anywhere is unacceptable, it is unlawful, it is disgusting and it needs to be battled by everyone — men and women have to have absolutely no tolerance for it," Aronofsky said at the Busan International Film Festival, as per Variety. The outlet notes that Weinstein recently had a lot of praise for Aronofsky's controversial film mother!
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