A New Kind Of Selfie Is Coming — & It's Chocolate

Photo: Courtesy of COURTESY OF R.M. PALMER/Delish
It looks like even the chocolate industry is trying to appease the youths — though it may want to rethink its strategy.
According to Delish, the latest candy to capitalize on millennials' obsession with ourselves is the iconic Easter candy the chocolate bunny, with candy factory R.M. Palmer adding "Selfie Bunnies" to its 2018 Easter collection.
If you're curious about what a "Selfie Bunny" actually is, (you can view the images over on Delish) it's what it sounds like. Rather than the standard chocolate bunny, which basically just, well, looks like a rabbit, these cool, hip chocolate bunnies are ready to post a cute pic to Instagram.
The two chocolate bunnies — one is a boy, the other a girl — each hold up tiny phones in order to snap a self portrait. The girl bunny is really vamping for the camera (she's utilizing a "one hand on the hip" power pose), while the boy bunny is just pointing the camera at his smiling face. Is boy bunny looking for the perfect angle for a new Tinder pic? Is the girl bunny searching for the ideal photo to go along with her inspiring Instagram caption of the day?
We'll never know, because these are chocolate bunnies and therefore cannot speak. And, honestly, even if they could, they would have their heads bitten off too early to be able to explain anything.
It's bad timing for this Easter collection to unveil itself, because, according to one-time reigning selfie queen Kim Kardashian, the selfie is officially over. In an interview with her sister Khloé, Kardashian picked never taking another selfie again over never Snapchatting — which, shocking as it is, is perhaps the biggest sign that the selfie is on its way out.
Hmm, perhaps it's not too late to change the "Selfie Bunny" to the "Snapchat Bunny?" Honestly, though, who has the strength to keep up with the youths — I'll take a chocolate bunny in whatever iteration.
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