Why Stassi Schroeder Refuses To Photoshop Her Breast Reduction Scars

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Bravo is the entertainment network with the most quintessential "guilty pleasure TV." Bravo-lebrities include the likes of Bethenny Frankel, Andy Cohen, and the on-again, off-again SUR cocktail waitress/resident Beverly Hills drama magnet, Stassi Schroeder.
Any Vanderpump Rules fan knows that the star isn't one to filter her opinions — getting herself into trouble for her uninhibited gossip on many occasions. She's the character we can't decide if we love or hate, but lately we've definitely fallen in the former camp. That's because Schroeder has been speaking out about her past breast reduction procedure and insisting that photographers do not edit out her surgery scars from pictures. And it's spreading a pretty powerful, body-positive message.
People recently reported that back in 2015, the reality TV star had a breast lift and reduction surgery — taking her from a DDD cup to a D cup — resulting in deep scars on the underboob area. Schroeder told the publication that during a recent sexy, skin-baring photoshoot, she was adamant that her breast scars not be removed from the photos.
“I was like ‘Don’t edit out my scars.’ They’re awesome. I like being myself and I feel that everyone should embrace themselves,” Schroeder said. "It’s a scar — scars are pretty! I’m so proud of my body because it’s mine." She also described the surgery as “one of the best decisions of my life.”
She added, "I refuse to wear a bra because I’m so excited that I have smaller boobs and that my nipples are not pointed down to my knees." By being candid about her experience, Schroeder is reinforcing a powerful message about embracing your body.
“If we’re open and honest with each other about what it takes for us to feel good about ourselves, it’s only going to help everybody else,” Schroeder said. “It shouldn’t even be something to be questioned, it shouldn’t even be something that’s Photoshopped out, it shouldn’t be a question to show it or not to show it."
Photographer Marina Tolot posted the under-boob image of Schroeder to her Instagram, and Schroeder reposted the pic to her personal page with the caption: "Scars on FLEEK."
“If this is what my body looks like with these scars, then that’s what they are — I don’t want to pretend that I’m something that I’m not," Schroeder told People. Sounds like a novel idea to us.
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