How Kim Kardashian's Blond Hair Affects Her Beauty Routine

Kim Kardashian's blond hair is not new. For the last month, we've seen it, reported on it, and questioned whether or not it was a wig. (For the record, she claims it's the real deal.) But one thing we didn't think to consider was how everything else besides her platinum 'do changed as a result.
Luckily, she's taken to her website to share that, at least when it comes to her makeup, a lot has changed. In the post, her makeup artist Ariel explained that ever since she went blond, her entire routine is different — from switching her foundation shade to adjusting the accents in her brows.
"Certain hair colors bring out certain undertones in your skin, so you want to make sure you're using the right shade of makeup," KKW wrote. And the key to finding the right shade is toning down the heavy contour and considering skin's natural undertones. "With my blond hair, I've been wearing more neutral tones."
The great thing about platinum hair, Ariel explained, is that bold colors really pop on the skin. The only time it works against you is if you don't change your base makeup. "Kim normally wears a warm foundation color, but with her blond hair, it can make her look to orange," he wrote. (He uses La Mer Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation in Tan #42 when she's blond.) "The lighter the hair color, the more orange it will pick up, so I always make sure we stick to a true neutral for her foundation."
The one area that really requires a change: contour. Ariel said that he usually needs to mix two of the KKW Beauty cremé contour kit shades to get the perfect hue: "The light highlight shades pick up gorgeous champagne tones the really complement her hair." Ditto with KKW's darker brows, which is why he uses a blond brow gel instead. "The gel picks up light shades in her hair and makes her brows a soft brown color with accents of blond," he said. "A dark eye can also be an extreme contrast to the light hair — I've been using the Viseart Neutral Matte Palette," Ariel added.
So now you know: Sometimes it just takes a little trial and error for Kim Kardashian, like the rest of us, to look that glam.
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