Mark Ruffalo Pulled A Total Dad Move & Accidentally Livestreamed Thor: Ragnarok

Photo: David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock.
Last night, the cast of Thor: Ragnarok assembled for the L.A. premiere of the God of Thunder's third solo outing. And although Chris Hemsworth is the titular character, Thor is splitting the star power with Hulk, played by one Mark Ruffalo. Of course, Ruffalo was in attendance at the premiere, but BuzzFeed reports that in addition to his super-cute family, he invited along all of his Instagram followers, too, giving them all an unexpected preview of the film via his Story.
Like many of the stars in attendance, Ruffalo was offering clips and snippets of the night's events to his followers on social media. Unlike many of the stars, Ruffalo forgot to end his Instagram Story when he sat down to enjoy the film. (Guess those pre-feature turn off your phone PSAs don't get through to everyone.) Fans got treated to the first 10 minutes of the film, albeit they were only getting audio. About 2,000 of Ruffalo's followers joined an elite group of Marvel superfans, because they're the only ones that got any sort of Thor: Ragnarok preview. The film doesn't even premiere in the United States until November 2.
Comments on the unintentional livestream ranged from embarrassment to outright gratitude. Some of Ruffalo's followers were laughing at the entire situation, while others wondered whether or not the star would be fined for his accidental piracy. Disney and Marvel probably won't reprimand one of their biggest stars, but the companies will most likely make sure their big stars turn their phones off.
After those 10 minutes of bliss and social media camaraderie, Ruffalo realized what was going on and shut off his Story. Thanks to the temporary nature of Stories, the clip will disappear, but fans will always have the memories.
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