People On Twitter Noticed This Super-Annoying Thing About Hotels & We Can Relate

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Like many humans in 2017, we tend to catch up on our social media messages before bed and then keep our phones charging overnight. Same goes for when we stay in a hotel. So when we saw this viral Twitter moment, we could totally relate to what people are saying in the threads: There are often no power outlets near hotel beds, which is super-annoying. What are we supposed to do in the morning, sprint across the room to turn off the snooze button when our phones are charging?
Last month, Birmingham, U.K., engineer Jake Archer went so far as to devise his own solution, moving the double bed in the hotel room where he was staying all the way across the room to reach the outlets.
"It drives me insane. I think this is one of those first-world problems that a lot of people find very annoying," he told The Sun. "As many people do, I like to lie in bed and check through all my social media pages before I go to sleep but I can’t do that if the plug socket is on the other side of the room. Every phone battery only lasts about a day nowadays, so most people charge their phones overnight and many people like to have their phone next to them."
This all-too-real struggle may sound really #firstworldproblems, but the conversation has picked up steam on Twitter.
The above tweet has over 10,000 likes — looks like it resonated with a lot of travelers.
Some people even said they bring extension cords on their trips.
Another, equally annoying, #firstworldproblem: the lack of USB sockets.
Other hotels, be more like this hotel:
This tweet gives us hope that outlets and USB ports by the bed will be the standard in all hotels soon.

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