Chance The Rapper, Movie Critic, Is Dragging Rotten Tomatoes On Twitter

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Chance the Rapper loves The House, a 2017 movie that was decidedly a flop, and he doesn't care who knows it. He hopped on Twitter to berate Rotten Tomatoes for the 17% average rating critics gave the movie.
"Yesterday I watched a movie that I never heard of. It had a 17% on @RottenTomatoes ... it was funny as fuck. Wtf @RottenTomatoes," Chance, née Chancellor Jonathan Bennett, began. He then revealed that the movie was The House, a movie you may have forgotten about (because the studios really wanted you to forget about it).
The House is a Will Ferrell comedy about a suburban family who can't afford their daughter's tuition payments, so they open a casino in the basement of their house. The movie also stars comedy veterans Amy Poehler, Jason Mantzoukas, and Will Ferrell. Critics seems to agree that it was half-baked. The A.V. Club called it a "crappy suburban satire." The Los Angeles Times called it a "cockamamie suburban crime story that manages to be both bizarre and incredibly thin." Others amounted it to a drawn-out Saturday Night Live sketch.
Only The New York Times seemed to like it. Critic A.O. Scott likened it to "a dark, startlingly bloody journey into the bitter, empty, broken heart of the American middle class." Still, though, Scott called the comedy "semi-awkward" and "underwritten."
This doesn't mean you can't like the movie! Critics be darned, The House was a funny, silly movie during which Jeremy Renner get set on fire. And Chance The Rapper won't stand for this poor Rotten Tomatoes rating.
"17% ? Seventeen fucking percent??? I hope will and amy and nick never see the travesty that is these 'critics' reception of this masterpiece," he later tweeted. The rapper continued to lay down praise for the movie, retweeting favorable praise from other Twitter users and disagreeing wholeheartedly when contrarians jumped in his mentions to argue.
Chance then rested his case by tweeting the following:
"Please accept these too hard facts
1. Most of what I just tweeted was in jest
2. If you don't like The House, you are poop"
Honestly, if there's anyone who can turn this around for The House, it's Chance the Rapper.
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