If You Have Sex To Nick Jonas’ Music, He Ask That You Do This In Return

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Let's clear the air: You are welcome to have sex to Nick Jonas's music. So, if you've been getting it on to "Jealous," but weren't sure if that was okay with Nick Jonas, don't stop. The singer is a-okay with you getting down to his music.
Buzzfeed asked Jonas in a video interview how he felt about it, and the musician responded, "Knowing that people have sex to my music is the best thing in the world."
But there's a catch. He added, "I just require a commission by way of naming the child after me." He gave a few suggestions: Nick, Nicholas, Nicky.
Of course, with this answer, Jonas neglects one very important aspect of sexual activity: It doesn't always happen with the intent to make babies. Plenty of people — presumably — get naked to Nick Jonas's tunes, and they're not all going to produce babies. Jonas might need to come up with a alternate commission. (Perhaps, in lieu of the baby-naming, he can ask that couples donate a dollar or two to Planned Parenthood.)
This isn't the first time Nick has brought up babymaking. The Jonas brother dueted with Nicki Minaj for 50 Shades Darker, the decidedly unsexy sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey. The song is called "Bom Bidi Bom," and it includes a little tiger growl in the first 30 seconds.
"I know many babies will be made to this soundtrack," Jonas tweeted when the soundtrack dropped, tagging his collaborator Nicki Minaj.
Jonas does seem to specialize in hot and heavy music. His song "Jealous," is a slick song about feeling irrationally possessive.
"You're too sexy beautiful and everybody wants a taste, that's why... I still get jealous," Jonas sings in the chorus. In this interview, Jonas said his favorite song from his discography was "Jealous" because it marked the beginning of his solo career. It is also the first truly sexy song he's released.
Watch the full interview (which is filled with puppies!) with Buzzfeed, below.
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