Meghan Trainor's New TV Show Sounds Like A Grown-Up Version Of Star

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One new musical TV series has a pop star pedigree. According to Variety, ABC has ordered a pilot with Meghan Trainor as executive producer and it could be the next Star.
Per the report, Trainor's new series, titled Broken Record, will explore what happens when famous fictional girl group The Candies reunites nine years after their dramatic breakup. Drama will inevitably ensue — and, hopefully, so will hit songs.
It's unclear if the Grammy-winning Trainor will pen any of the music for the series but...I mean, well, can she? Because really, that's just one more reason to watch.
Musical series may be having a moment right now with Empire and Star, but this is a tweak on the standard ascent-to-stardom storyline. Instead of the characters searching for recognition, it will be about what happens when the spotlight fades.
The premise of the series sort of sounds like what could happen on Fox's Star, only in, you know, nine years. That series, which hails from Empire creator Lee Daniels, also explores the dynamics of a girl group, only this time, they're just starting out rather than reuniting. (Of course, because it's a TV series, the show already featured the group on the cusp of breaking up several times over.)
It's not just music that should keep fans coming back to the series. According to Variety, The Candies only come back together following a "tragic event." Could it be the loss of one of their members, mirroring real-life tragedies like the death of TLC's Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes?
Only time will tell what route this series will take should it be picked up by ABC for more than just a pilot order. With Trainor backing the project, however, it'll certainly have a level of authenticity.

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