Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry Connects T-Boz To Left Eye

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images.
Kardashian pal Tyler Henry is a Hollywood standby these days, but his latest pair-up is taking him to the world of music.
In a new preview released by E!, the psychic sits with T-Boz (real name Tionne Watkins) and helping her communicate with late TLC member Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.
Lopes died in 2002 when she was involved in a car accident during a trip to Honduras. Since her death, Lopes' legacy has been felt throughout the music world, with singers from her fellow TLC bandmates to Missy Elliot and others paying tribute to her in song.
In the new clip, Henry starts by mentioning a female, music notes, and a fun, jokey attitude. The tips all point to Left Eye.
"Is she loud?" T-Boz asks. There's another Left Eye signature.
"She's very very direct," Henry says. Then, Henry begins speaking about foreign travel and South and Central America. "There is a reference to South America and South American countries," Tyler says, "Do you know if she had visited at any point Central America from your knowledge?"
That's pretty common knowledge, but T-Boz seems to be pretty impressed — and so do her friends, who are sitting in another room. They know right away that Henry is speaking with Left Eye.
"And then she's referencing to a car accident," Henry says. "And this is interesting because she's placing these two together but she's having me acknowledge that if this had happened in a different country, this wouldn't have happened."
This is what brings on T-Boz's tears. She knows that Left Eye is speaking through Henry and that she's with an old friend. Henry adds that Left Eye does have more to say, noting that, "She's just happy, from her perspective, that no one else was killed in this incident. She's more focused on others and their well-being."
Of course, Henry is holding a photo, but the big reveal isn't in the preview clip. Check out Henry's conversation with T-Boz, below, but you'll have to watch the whole episode to see what happens after that photo gets flipped.
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