Adam Brody Was Almost This Children's TV Show Icon & This Alternate Reality Sounds Amazing

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Adam Brody will always have a special place in our hearts as the adorkable, comic book-obsessed Seth Cohen from The O.C. However, before the actor landed that iconic role, he was up for a very different one.
According to the StartUp star's interview with Entertainment Tonight, Brody auditioned for the role of Steve on Blue's Clues, and once you envision him in that green striped polo, you won't be able to unsee it.
Brody, who made all of our teen drama dreams come true when he married Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester, revealed to ET that his career could have gone very differently had he nabbed the role of pup Blue's BFF Steve.
When asked about his early auditions — which Brody noted also included Power Rangers and even Dawson's Creek, in which he read opposite Felicity star Scott Speedman — he admitted that he was bummed he didn't land the part on the children's program.
"[I auditioned for] Blue's Clues, to be the dude," he told ET. "I would have killed for that role. I was like 19, 20. I remember going, 'This would be an alright life, this dog and me, on this children's show.'"
When asked whether he would step back in Seth Cohen's shoes for an O.C. reunion, Brody joked: "For the right amount of money...I'd do Blue's Clues."
Today, Brody's probably watching kids TV for a reason other than audition prep. He and Meester welcomed their baby Arlo in August of 2015.
As for whether he'll revisit his O.C. character in the future, the actor joked in a June interview with Entertainment Tonight that he and his wife already do.
"Once a year, randomly, on our Seth and Blair Day, we dress up," Brody told the ET host.
With Halloween coming up, maybe Brody can slip into a striped shirt instead to celebrate the role that might have been.

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