Of Course Leighton Meester & Adam Brody Have "Seth & Blair" Days

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When last we saw Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf, she had married Chuck Bass and had a kid with him. In Seth Cohen's final episode of The O.C., he married his high school sweetheart, Summer Roberts. Still, whenever we see real-life married couple Leighton Meester and Adam Brody together, it's impossible not to conjure up a fanfic storyline of their characters. In their first-ever joint interview, the couple pretended that they do, too.
"Occasionally. Once a year, randomly, on our Seth and Blair Day, we dress up and —" Brody said, when an Entertainment Tonight reporter asked if they laugh about their characters' hookup. "It's good for a laugh."
"Not in the same way maybe you do," Meester said. "It doesn't excite us, I think, because we're just human beings... but it's exciting to us that it's exciting to you. It's cool.”
Then Brody had to go and ruin our fantasies of their Seth-and-Blair role-playing by admitting that they hadn't watched each other's shows (which were both created by Josh Schwartz). That seems like a smart decision, because then they might also be confused as to how they could possibly end up with anyone but their onscreen one true pairing. Plus, the neurotic southern Californian and the ambitious New York socialite would never get along, would they?
Brody and Meester were speaking to ET while serving lunch to kids at a Feeding America event in Los Angeles. The two have kept their own relationship out of the spotlight since they began dating and married in 2014. They welcomed daughter Arlo in September 2015.
"I don't talk about Arlo very much," Meester told Refinery29 in an interview this spring when promoting her now-canceled Fox series Making History. "I am very proud of that area of my life. But I'm also really proud of the show, and of the work I do."
Maybe that work could include a cameo on that long-wished-for O.C. reunion?
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