Mandy Moore's TV Husband Approves Of Her Real-Life Husband-To-Be

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News of Mandy Moore's engagement seemed to come at the perfect time. She and her now-fiancé Taylor Goldsmith attended the Emmy Awards together. This Is Us is back with its second season and everything seems to be right in the world. One more thing that puts the icing on Moore's current situation? Her TV husband, Milo Ventimiglia, is 100% on board with her (soon-to-be) real-life one.
PopSugar reports that during the cast's appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the subject of Moore's engagement came up, because how could it not? DeGeneres asked Ventimiglia how he felt about Goldsmith and he had nothing but compliments to share. One thing that definitely didn't happen, however? A particular pre-wedding tradition.
Ventimiglia explained that Goldsmith didn't take the time to ask him for Moore's hand in marriage, but seeing as how that question goes to the bride's father and not her fictional spouse, it seemed to be okay.
"I didn't get asked for her hand in marriage as TV husband, but at the same time, I was okay with it," Ventimiglia said, showing just how close the cast really is.
Moore said that Goldsmith has met the entire cast. "We're like one big family, we really are," she told DeGeneres. "As cheesy and gross as that sounds, we all really love each other."
Blurring the lines between his actual identity and Jack Pearson, Ventimiglia gushed about how great his costar is. Moore was soaking in the good vibes and costar Sterling K. Brown chimed in with an "amen." It's clear that everyone on the show has offered up their blessing to Moore and Goldsmith. Fans should expect to see the entire cast at the ceremony together celebrating a Ventimiglia-approved coupling.
"Taylor is the kindest soul," Ventimiglia said. "And you know, she is the most beautiful of human beings, so the two of them coming together, it's like it's right. It's good."
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