This Snow White Eyeshadow Palette Feels Like Walking Down Memory Lane

Storybooks were a childhood staple. Nothing beat getting tucked into bed and reading about the Seven Dwarfs singing their hi-hos. As we’ve grown up, though, our nightstands today hold our iPhones on a charging cord as opposed to books, and we fall asleep to the glow of our screen as we flick though Instagram. It’s a little sad to think that the days of bedtimes stories are behind us.
Luckily for anyone who still remembers every single of one of the dwarfs from Snow White, you're about to get a welcome dose of childhood nostalgia because one makeup brand has created a storybook fit for your grown-up life. Bésame Cosmetics just launched an eyeshadow palette based off of the OG Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs storybook. The cosmetics company is known for crafting products inspired by old Hollywood cinema, and with an appreciation for classic and elegant beauty, a princess palette only made sense.
This limited-edition 1937 Storybook palette was created with original Disney-tradmarked text and colors from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, and features a gorgeous array of 20 matte eyeshadows. From soft neutrals to more vibrant reds and forest-inspired mossy greens, this set can work for everyday or for a Halloween-inspired Snow White look.
While the shadow range is undoubtably appealing, the real draw here is the packaging. Bound with a hard cover finish, classic font, and even a magic mirror hidden inside, this storybook is a spot-on match to Walt Disney's. Plus, adding makeup can make anything good even better.
What's next — Belle, Ariel, Pocahontas? Here's to hoping we'll see makeup-enclosed storybooks featuring all our favorite princesses in the near future. Our grown-up bookshelves (and vanities) could use a little Disney magic.
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