Kim Kardashian Just Went Full Big Sister & Defended Rob From Paparazzi Trolls

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Update: It looks like this story had a happy ending after all. Kardashian responded to the Wetzel's Pretzels tweet, writing, "OMG YOU GUYS!!!!! This is my dream come true! Thank you!!!"
This story was originally published at 9:00 a.m. EDT on September 21, 2017.
If you mess with the Kardashian family, be prepapred to be called "shady" by none other than Kim Kardashian herself.
On Wednesday night, Kardashian tweeted a scathing criticism of an unnamed paparazzi photo agency that was apparently mislabeling photos of her brother. And she was not having it.
"Wait I just saw pics of Rob online & called him to tell him I'm annoyed he didn't bring me back any Wetzels Pretzels from the mall...." she tweeted. "Butttt the pics are from Father's Day at Disneyland & the pap agency are reselling them as if they're new & made up the location, how shady!"
Kardashian is essentially claiming the photo agency stamped a new date on some old photos and is trying to re-sell them as if they're new. Luckily, she's here to stop them in their tracks.
A Kardashian fan account was quick to respond to her second tweet, adding the perfect GIF for the occasion.
Others got in on the GIF game, too.
While we don't know what agency was selling the reported photos, there's evidence to support Kardashian's claim. A Daily Mail link with the basename "Rob-Kardashian-snacks-pretzels-Thousand-Oaks-mall" is no longer active, suggesting the outlet may have purchased the photos before taking the article down.
At least someone is having fun with the news, though. The official Wetzel's Pretzels Twitter account responded to Kardashian's original tweet, offering to help her not miss out on the tasty treats.
"@KimKardashian sorry you missed out. NO ONE should miss out on pretzels. We've got something special coming for you & your fans. #ITS4KIM," Wetzel's Pretzels tweeted. So at least she's getting some rolled dough out of the ordeal?
They weren't kidding about giving pretzels to the fans, either. If you download the Wetzel's Pretzels app and enter the code "ITS4KIM," you'll have a free original pretzel added to your account. Don't wait too long, though — the offer expires on Sunday.

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