A Photo Of Puke On The Emmys Red Carpet Is Going Viral & We Demand To Know The Culprit

Celebrities — they're just like us! Except for the fact that when I puke somewhere I'm not supposed to, I own up to it. The person who went ahead and seemingly vommed on the Emmys red carpet has yet to come clean, and it's time to get to the bottom of it.
Here's how this all started: Elite Daily spotted that Twitter user @allanmcatee, who works at Point Grey Pictures, tweeted a picture of something that looks a lot like vomit on the Emmys red carpet Sunday night.
"Somebody puked on the Emmys red carpet," they captioned the snap. "This photo should win a pulitizer [sic]."
I couldn't for sure say "that's puke" but I also couldn't come up with any better explanation for what that could be on a red carpet. Spilled soup? A milkshake? I need to stop looking at it.
So if that really is puke (which is unconfirmed — I've reached out to the Emmys for comment) then we have to start narrowing down who it could possibly belong to. Pretty much everyone in Hollywood was in attendance — except for one Mr. Chris Pratt — so let's work backwards. What celebrities do we know have a reputation for throwing up in public places? There's Vanessa Hudgens, who barfed at SoulCycle, there's Vanessa Grimaldi, who hurled on a date with The Bachelor's Nick Viall, and then there's Jennifer Lawrence, who puked during a performance of 1984 on Broadway.
But here's the catch: None of these people were at the 2017 Emmys! Foiled again!
As much as it would be easy to blame this on a photographer or someone in the background, the photo clearly shows at least two bodyguards standing around the mess. That's some important puke. Therefore, I'm not giving up on my quest. I will find the Emmys puker. Serial season 3, here I come.

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