A Bachelor Contestant Puked In Zero-Gravity On Date With Nick Viall

There are many reasons why contestants on The Bachelor should be handed provided bags. Having to do loop-de-loops in zero-gravity is just one of them. A preview for next Monday's episode shows Vanessa (the teacher who speaks French) scoring a one-on-one date with Nick Viall. Don't celebrate just yet, girl. Because this show loves both going airborne and putting women in uncomfortable, sometimes physically threatening situations based on some tenuous romantic metaphor — "How can our relationship reach new heights if we don't scale this skyscraper?" — Vanessa and Nick find themselves suiting up in coveralls for a zero-gravity flight. After a few spins through the air, the poor girl is queasier than Corinne's nanny when she's chopping up those damn cucumbers. "I'm nauseous, and I'm scared that this is going to ruin the perfect first date, the perfect first moment," Vanessa confesses in an on-camera interview that must have been shot after she'd sprayed the plane with vomit. "This is horrifying," she continues. "I'm not in control of my body. I'm mortified." Nick does his best to comfort her, but before long the barf bag is being filled. On the bright side, at least Vanessa didn't get sick because she was blindingly drunk and shouting abuse, unlike some past contestants. And we're pretty confident that Nick will try to cheer her up with a rose. It's not as useful as, say, some Pepto and a ginger ale, but a girl's gotta keep her eye on the prize.

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