Vanessa Hudgens Puking At SoulCycle Is Both Super Glamorous & Not

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Life presents us with a lot of choices. To love La La Land or to actively abhor it? To do laundry or don the nearest pair of bikini bottoms? And most importantly: When you are about to vomit in the middle of a SoulCycle class, should you just swallow that ish?
According to Vanessa Hudgens, you totally should. The Powerless star appeared on Late Night with James Corden last night and shared a particularly embarrassing anecdote. Hudgens, a SoulCycle devotee, was in a spin class recently when she felt the birth of an upchuck. She'd had a "big old truffle dinner" the night before the class, and those truffles did not sit well.
"I was like, 'I think I'm gonna be sick,'" Hudgens, 28, recounted. "I'm like, you know what, power through, whatever happens happens, it'll be fine. And, out of nowhere, I just feel"—
She mimicked the lurching of a stomach. You know the one — the jolting sensation of your last meal making its comeback tour. It was the critical moment: To swallow or to spit up a pile of partially digested truffles in the middle of a soul-shaking spin class? Hudgens, as I've already stated, opted for the former.
"I swallowed it," she said, giggling a little.
Corden agreed with the High School Musical star. "It is a weird thing," he said. "When you're sick in your mouth, you have to make a very definite choice. And I'm gonna say, 10 times out of 10, [you swallow]."
Oh, then there's this detail: When Hudgens was about to vomit, she was "riding the podium," as they say, which is when a rider takes the teacher's seat for class on a raised podium.
Also present during this interview was Thomas Sadoski, star of Life in Pieces and new husband to Amanda Seyfried, who threw in his two cents.
"I can't think of anything more sort of Hollywood royalty than, 'I puked up truffles while I was sitting at the podium during a SoulCycle,'" he commented.
Both Hudgens and Corden laughed because, er, he's not wrong. We really can't decide here: Is this the most glamorous thing to ever have happened or the most embarrassing ? Life is full of contradictions.

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