She May Have Lost The Emmy, But Jackie Hoffman Won For Best Reaction

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Jackie Hoffman lost the Emmy award to Laura Dern last night, and she handled it perfectly. That is to say, Hoffman immediately tweeted a joke at Dern's expense — she joked that Dern had famous parents, and her win was proof of Hollywood elitism.
To be fair, Hoffman's not wrong. Dern's, who won Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie, parents are famous, and she likely wouldn't have experienced such immediate success if they weren't. As she said in her acceptance speech last night, Der started acting when she was eleven years old.
But Hoffman and Dern are likely friendly, and Hoffman is a comedian. Naturally, she had jokes for Twitter.
"Laura Dern had famous parents. Forgive me for being from real people," Hoffman wrote. Twitter was quick to berate her for seemingly "throwing shade" to Dern.
Hoffman continued to drag the Big Little Lies actress on Twitter, her claims growing more absurd with each tweet. She wrote that Dern stole art from Nazi victims. She claimed that Dern runs a child porn ring. All are very bogus; all are very funny. Hoffman also included the hashtag "#soreloser," in case you were still confused.
Later, when it seemed clear people were taking the rant seriously, Hoffman cleared the air, writing, "I hear the media actually taking my reaction seriously? Are you kidding me?"
Hoffman, a prolific Broadway performer and comedy veteran, continued to give fun Twitter updates throughout the night. She narrated her bonkers Emmys evening for Twitter even after she lost, and it sounds like everything turned out alright. Her limo service at the end of the night gave her Sour Patch Kids, which seem oddly fitting.
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