Did Vanessa Bayer Just Shade Giuliana Rancic?

During a red carpet interview with E! News host Jason Kennedy, Vanessa Bayer revealed details of a Saturday Night Live sketch that never made it to air.
Apparently, the sketch parodied the E! News hosts, including Kennedy himself. The host had to double-check that Taran Killam was actually playing him, not Ryan Seacrest — but Bayer confirmed that it was indeed Kennedy in the sketch. And while we probably won't ever get to see the full segment, Bayer did do a great impression of Giuliana Rancic at the end of her interview with Kennedy.
Bayer honed in on Rancic's signature phrase, which seems to be calling her viewers "you guys." (Jokes aside, it's 2017 — can we please swap that out for "you all" or something more inclusive? Plenty of Rancic's viewers aren't guys.)
"She says 'you guys' a lot, right?" Bayer said of Rancic. And the impression was spot-on.
Bayer also reflected on her time on SNL, saying there was always "so much love in that room."
"These are my people," Bayer said of her former SNL castmates. Once an SNL member, always an SNL member, it seems.
Bayer wasn't the only SNL lady on the red carpet, either. Leslie Jones spoke with the E! hosts about how she's coping with Game of Thrones' season ending — and the answer is, it seems, not very well. "We're getting through it," Jones said of her life's newfound lack of GoT. "Me and the fans, we're getting through it."
And Kate McKinnon also performed an impression on the red carpet, though she wasn't impersonating an E! host. McKinnon offered up a spot-on Eleven from Stranger Things — and, yes, it was perfect.
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