Cookie Butter Oreos Have Arrived & They'll Probably Taste Nothing Like Oreos

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The Oreo is just as iconic a cookie as the gooey chocolate chip variety. However, that doesn't mean that the sweet, black-and-white sandwich can't benefit from trying on different flavor profiles. The latest, and quite possibly greatest new Oreo flavor on the block is cookie butter, which are finally coming soon to a shelf near you.
Not every flavor of Oreos has hit it out of the park. The Swedish Fish flavor was a straight-up abomination of the tastebuds. (Very disappointing considering my love of the gummy candy.) Some, however, like the cinnabon variety, are surprising in how pleasing they are: They may not really resemble the classic Oreo cookie, and they may not be "an improvement" in terms of flavor, but they're definitely a sweet treat perfect for when you want to change things up.
And that's exactly what this cookie butter flavor represents: a way for your basic box of Oreos to shake things up.
Cookie butter Oreos were rumored to pop up on shelves in late July, when an Instagram user named @markie_devo posted a picture of a package of the new Oreo flavor. On Tuesday, @Markie_devo posted an update about the new flavor:
"Helll Yeah!! Cookie Butter Oreo's have made it to Target's webpage,they are currently unavailable because the official drop is Monday, now due to different DSD delivery zones they might start popping up this weekend, I am not sure if they are Target exclusive yet," wrote the Instagram foodie. "Who is hyped for these? I know I am. I will keep you guy's posted on more new Oreo's to come soon."
The graham cracker-flavored cookie comes with cookie butter-flavored icing inside. Though the brand doesn't name-check the popular cookie butter Speculoos, I think it's safe to say that the icing will at least taste somewhat similar to what comes out of a Speculoos jar. Since Speculoos cookie butter is pure, utter deliciousness, these Oreos sound like they will make for quite a tasty dessert.
Boxes of this new cookie hybrid will likely fly off the shelves... so get them while you can.
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